Here comes a few tweaks that seriously are used in HiFi but could easily be used for studio

Intertwined Cables

All cables leave a magnetic field around themselves, and it usually effects the equipment it's connected to rather negative, in some cases this can be eliminated or dampen. The positive effect of intertwined cables are an old invention, (Fourpart intertwined is within the best, check out, In Swedish) The electric mains are known for it's magnetic field but research has shown signal and speaker cables seems to be as bad to, even digital cables (Not Optical) and computer and data cables seems to surround themselves with a pretty strong magnetic field and intertwining cables seems like an easy and good looking way to do it and creates a better order in the studio.

Ground & Phase

Grounding is a very important thing, weird groundloops can suddenly seize to exist and a certain clearness just appears. computers were from the beginning not thought of to be connected to audio equipment with and can therefore leave a certain amount of unpleasant electrical charge between chassis and ground, I have measured as high voltages as 120V (only a few milliampere but it's enough for a little electric shock, unharmful but unpleasant). but it could be devastating for some equipment that doesn't like these voltages in a permanent solution or that just stops functioning when it's just connected and it feels like this subject is a little unspoken of since most people must have realized that something is not always in order. If grounded mains socket is not around, connect everything like it were there with grounded cables and sockets and in correct phase. In Phase? Yes the normal mains contain two wires (230V in Sweden, 110V for US) one ground and one phase, every equipment has an optimum way of being connected in even if there is no manual that ever says so, otherwise an partly induced magnetic field will arise in the products ground connection leading in to circuits themselves. What you can do is that you disconnect your total studio and buy a magnetic field/voltage detector that can in a few inch tell if a certain product is connected in the wrong way. Then you connect every thing product for product and twist and turns the mains socket until everything is connected correct. The sound quality will be raised and some of the products will thank you by living and functioning severely longer.

Mains Filter

A mains filter can also be bought for some cleaner current from the mains. Both because the current is a little bit dirty but also because your equipment can send out bad current to others and even worse send bad current to the rest of your equipment. Computers can really be a dirty mess with it's switched power supply. The best is to have a mains filter to every product and equipment you own but that can be both hard and expensive but every studio should a least have one mains filter.


With the use of passive monitors that can be used with biwiring this can be a small improvement that doesn't have to cost as much, It's better to have a little cheaper cable and use biwiring then having an expensive without biwiring, after that there is always the possibility to use biamping to and active filters doesn't make the thing worse.

Densen Demagic Demagnitizer

As a little hidden ace in down the sleeve, the highly respected HighEnd company Densen has made an revolutionary CD in the mid nineties that never arrived in the studio world but stayed in the HiFi world. In every cable and conductor there is a certain amount of magnetism that are built up negatively when sounds and music are played through the system because the polarity of the magnetism are being mixed, when playing this CD of complex signals you reconstruct the optimum way of the polarity so the signals can travel without hassle, the sound quality being lifted are beyond all other tweaks but unfortunately the polarity of the magnetism will slowly go back when music are being sent throughout the system, but if played once a day the sound quality should be maintained. Words like hocus pocus might occur in many peoples minds but all of this has technical and scientific explanation.

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